Fees and bursaries


The school is a registered charity and its entire income is used to meet its running costs. Each term is paid in full and in advance before the 1st session starts, it isn’t possible to pay per session unless the child is exceptionally registered later during the term. The fees per session and per child are as follows (Siblings enjoy a 10% discount on the lessons fees):

  • £10.30 per session at La Petite Ecole (primary school)
  • £13.50 per session at La Grande Ecole and GCSE sections (secondary school)
  • £12.00 per year to contribute your child school manuals and pedagogic material

In addition there is a annual membership fee which is £22 per child to cover our administration fees. There is no need to be attending the school to be a member, the annual membership also gives you access to our French books library.


Documentation to be made available to be considered for bursary:

  1. Motivation letter (between 1000 and 3000 words) describing the family, professional and financial situation but also the importance of the French language in the child’s family. How is French used within the family?
  2. Any evidence to support the application

The application should be handed in to the 1.2.3. Soleil committee and will be reviewed within 2 weeks of receiving the full documentation from the family. If granted, the bursary will be applied from the next starting term. The bursary application has to be renewed yearly for the September start. Any change in the family financial situation must be notified within a month.

Please use our online contact form. if you have further queries.