July 2023

1.2.3 Soleil schools are going back on Saturday 9th September 2023. We look forward to welcoming you for the first time or back again.

The school calendar for 2023-24 has been updated online and the yearly calendar  is available to download as a pdf.

August 2022

1.2.3 Soleil schools are going back on Saturday 10th September 2022. We look forward to welcoming you for the first time or back again.

The school calendar has been updated online and the yearly calendar  is available to download as a pdf.

January 2022

Happy New Year everyone from the 123Soleil team!

The year will carry on with the same COVID restrictions until further notice.

We have restarted the monthly bake sales which will be restricted to the students from “La Grande Ecole”. The library is also open but only for students on a fortnightly rotation. Thanks for ensuring that children bring back their books, otherwise they won’t be able to take out any other ones.

Summer 2017

1.2.3. Soleil will celebrate its 10th year, join us to celebrate this very special event.

September 2016

165 children have gone back to school in Maidenhead, 95 in Camberley and 70 in Amersham.

August 2016

Well done to 7 students from the GCSE class in Maidenhead who all achieved A*!!!

August 2015

Congratulations to Elizabeth’s students in Maidenhead who successfully passed their French GSCE in advance, many achieving A*. Well done to them as well as to their teacher for her precious help and advice!

September 2014

1.2.3 Soleil Camberley School opens in September 2014
The Camberley School opens its doors on Saturday 13th September

September 2013

1.2.3 Soleil Amersham School has opened
The Amersham School opened its doors on Saturday 14th September with 38 children enrolled.

May 2013

Parents/School Meeting on the 8th May at 8pm
The 1.2.3 Soleil ‘Assemblee Generale’ took place on Wednesday the 8th of May at 8pm in Desborough School.
It was a chance to find out how things are going at the school and to ask any questions/put forward any suggestions.

February 2013

New school in Amersham
Exciting news: 1.2.3. Soleil management team is thrilled to announce its plan of expansion for a second school due to open in September 2013. We think that it is a wonderful project as it will allow us to cover a bigger area and considerably reduce the travelling time of some of you, as well as reducing the long waiting list to join 1.2.3. Soleil.

We are already taking registration, please get in touch to get enrolled (click here).

November 2012

Beaconsfield/Burnham MP visit

Our school had a special visit from Dominic Grieve Beaconsfield/Burnham MP. Please click here to access the Maidenhead Advertiser news article. A copy of the article is also provided below:

Attorney General Dominic Grieve visits bilingual school

The Attorney General paid a visit to the 1.2.3.Soleil bilingual school at Desborough College in Maidenhead on Saturday.
Beaconsfield MP, Dominic Grieve, was given a tour and met with pupils at the part-time French school, which is attended by about 200 children from bilingual families every Saturday morning during term time.
1.2.3. Soleil chairman Sophie Ward said: “Dominic’s visit is very important as it gives our project recognition and demonstrates to the children that being truly bilingual is a real asset in life.”
The visit was organised by South Bucks District councillor Paul Kelly as part of his involvement with the twinning of Burnham with the French village of Saint Denis de l’hôtel.”

Copyright Maidenhead Advertiser, written by James Preston, Thursday 15 November 2012.

July 2012

New 1.2.3 soleil website up and running
The website has been revamped. Have a look through the menus to find up to date information about the school, the curriculum and the school life, as well as how to contact us.

April 2012

School closed during Easter holidays
The school will be closed during the school holidays and the next class will take place on April 21st. Happy Easter to all!