Teachers and Volunteers

As well paid teachers and assistants, our schools is always in need of volunteers in order support our various activities (students arrivals, library, admin tasks, communication, accounting, events, IT management, etc.). We are also looking for parents willing to step in to support teachers in the classroom. Please get in touch and let us know if you can help on a Saturday.


Sophie Ward – Chairman and Director

Sophie is one of the founders and chairman of the schools. Her commitment to the project from the start, strong drive and contagious enthusiasm transformed a lovely idea into an effective, successful, oversubscribed French Bilingual School that today caters for over 300 children spread across our three schools in Maidenhead, Amersham and Camberley. Her leadership has allowed the Maidenhead school to grow to the point where 1.2.3 Soleil prides itself in furthering pupils’s education from the age of 3 to pass advanced French GCSE.

After studying law in Aix-en-Provence, Sophie’s professional career took off in the vibrant London advertising scene. A career break to raise her 2 boys gave her the opportunity to train as a homeopath and she is now running her own busy practise.

François-Xavier Cadinouche – Treasurer and Director

Francois-Xavier joined the Board of Directors as Treasurer in 2009 and brought with him a wealth of experience in administration and accounting. His crystal clear vision and hands on approach has been one of the determining factors of the school’s success.

Francois-Xavier arrived in the UK in 1996 with a desire to travel and further his IT Professional career in the Airline Industry. Today he is an established and successful IT department manager for Amadeus and a devoted father to three bilingual children.

Yasmina Norval – Secretary

Yasmina is the newest addition to the team holding the responsibility of the association Secretary. Her friendly approach, beaming smile and impeccable organisational skills makes her a key player in the running of the school. Yasmina is responsible for all administrative matters at 1.2.3 Soleil which includes school life. In record time she has managed to set up a very effective registration system to satisfy the increasing demand and growing waiting list.

Yasmina has been happily settled in the UK since 1990 and as a keen runner races between looking after her two children and a full time job as a PA to the CIO & CFO for BMI Healthcare Group.

Fabienne Martinez – Headmistress 1.2.3. Soleil Camberley

Fabienne MartinezFabienne has joined 123 Soleil first as a parent in Maidenhead in 2010. In 2014, Fabienne and Aurelie founded the 123 Soleil school in Camberley. Since then, the Camberley’s school has flourished, and Fabienne continues to very much enjoy her role as Camberley’s headteacher and Trustee.
Fabienne has moved in the UK in 1999, and works in the Telecom Industry. She has two children who both attend 123 Soleil Camberley.

Damien O’Jeanson, Head of Event – 1.2.3. Soleil Maidenhead

Damien’s joined as a trustee of 123 Soleil Maidenhead back in 2019 and he’s also responsible to plan any extra curriculum events for the school as well as being responsible for the library. By engaging the rest of the team, events organised so far have received great feedback from the children and the parents.
Damien has been in the UK since 1996 when he took part in a university exchange program, and has been here ever since. He’s now Director of Project Management at Universal Music and has 2 beautiful children, both of them attending 1.2.3. Soleil.

Joelle White – Trustee

In the UK since 2003, after validating a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, I secured a research contract with the University of Leicester, before settling down in Cookham with my husband and my three children. I then changed direction and became a freelance translator English-French, a position I now occupy since 2012, giving me the flexibility I need for my children’s activities and my other commitments in the associative sector.
I started in the Petite École in 1.2.3. Soleil Maidenhead back in September 2013 and I went from TA to teacher in the petite section before taking on the role of manager of the Petite École until July 2021. I hope to be able to draw upon this experience in becoming trustee of the association and I am glad to have the opportunity to stay within the 1.2.3. Soleil community.