1.2.3 soleil

1.2.3. Soleil Maidenhead, Amersham and Camberley are self-subsidised independent part time schools for bilingual children from 3 years old. We offer a French educational program in a playful environment. The lessons in the “Petite Ecoles” and “Grande Ecoles” take place entirely in French and are run by qualified teachers of French mother tongue.

During each session in the Petite Ecole, our teaching team will explore a cultural theme through structured play and exercises. In the Grande Ecole, highlights of French culture, history, the rich literary heritage are developed to encourage students to enhance their connection to the francophone culture and expand their knowledge. In the Accelerated GCSE section, students have the opportunity to prepare their exam up to two years early in a framework specifically tailored to bilingual children.

The number of children per class is limited in order to allow each of them many opportunities to express themselves in French and create a unique bond with their teacher.